Thursday, June 30, 2011


sitting in summer school once again . just stalling time of course . so bored . idk what to do everyday . just go on and chill and smoke cigarettes on my free time , which is all the time , hahaha . anyways . thats all i got for now , since im bored as fuck and tired . shoots .

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

im livin a truth

im not livin a lie .
im not lying to you .
when i tell you i love you .
im telling the truth .

-akonikoki <3
OdaGud - Jenter er grusomme.

if i were to wake up next to you and smile , would that be considered a dream ? :3
please,not Slytherin.

i smoke whenever i like . got a problem , fuck you ;D

i <3 you hawaii ;)
the tanktop i must !


so like , im in summer school now , because im short a fucking credit and im a fuck up and i didnt do so good in my senior year , because im a stupid cunt -.- i guess ...
anyways , im almost done , so thats good :D hahaha !!! im cool . a lot of shit has happened ever since my last blog , so let me explain . so , apparently im grounded for not walking with my graduating classand stuff . my parents are giving me so much shit and shit , blah -.- i hate them . they ruin everything , seriously . my step-dad is such a dick and fucks up my life . i literally dont care for him anymore . even though he's been there for me for the past 11 years and shit . i dont care . he made me hate him and he's gunna regret treating me like shit once i leave and never come back , because im moving out and living with my gtirlfriend in about a year or so , so yeah , i cant wait for that , because i'll finally be away from all my stepdad's bullshit and i wont have to hear his fucking voice . literally cant wait , like forreal , brah !!!! im never talking to him EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!! serious shit right here . so over his shit already . shitty part is that i gotta wait awhile to get a job and get money to save up for my future living space , nah mean ? and my girlfriend and her friend is getting jobs too , so they'll save up and then combine it to pay rent . split 3 ways , nah mean ? hahaha !!!! yes :) yeah , me , my girlfriend and her friend are living together :D cant wait , mannnn !!!! haha x) its gunna be fucking fun as hell . and since i wont have my parents over my head like they own me . i WILL have fun , the type of fun that they've been making me missing out on throughout my whole highschool life .
fuck , i seriously cant believe how much they ruined my life . like seriously , whenever im home with them , which is everyday i dont wanna talk to them , but they end up talking to me like nothings wrong . fuck them . its like i have to put on a fucking fake smile for them , and i dont wanna do that . i want them to know that i hate them , you know ? no hard feelings to my parents , but FUCK THEM !!!! i've never , ever spent a single fucking anniverssary with any of my girlfriends , EVER , because of them . UGHHHH !!!! over it . k , shoots ...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i feel like a wizard o.o

i've been smelling cigarettes everywhere i go lately ...
idk if its a good thing or a bad thing , but i kind of feel like a wizard , because im wearing my teal jacket today and i look awesome . its the morning right now and im in some dumb technical shit class that i dont need to graduate -.- idk why im even here . this is bullshit ...
so yeah , i smell cigarettes again . i think its on my jacket , or bag , or skateboard , or textbook . idk . the smell is everywhere . i really should stop smoking cigarettes -.-

hahahaha , like that joke i just told ? :D i cant see myself without a cigarette in my mouth , seriously . i cant .

and heres my buddy victor over here ...
--hello i'm victor. i am not akoni's buddy, he's my buddy. yeah its a bromance bitches, its so funny we dont even think about how gay it is...maybe we should though...fuck.

that was victor for yah :D

i would also like to point out that i am happy that i have nikki <3 that is all :D 


this is for you , babe :D

im so glad that we met and i cant wait to hold you in my arms and stuff .
i promise to give you piggy back rides and take you anywhere you wanna go on my back , hahaha !!!
one day i will pass out on your bed , because i like tempurpedic beds ... a lot :D
please dont rape me ...
i'll pretend not to enjoy it xD
i know you love my corniness and sweet talk to you <3
hahaha , anyways i'll just talk to you through facebook now :3

Monday, May 9, 2011

a lot of shit has happened lately !!!

so , let me summarize this out for you . i broke up with my girlfriend , avery tavares and it was a horrible break up . there was a lot of shit talking coming from both sides and it was just unnecessary i would assume ... by the way , this break up was after the senior prom . MAY 2nd to be exact .  after we broke up its been pretty depressing . pretty normal though . after every break up everyone feels like shit , so yeah . nothing special . i tried to get her back , because i felt really bad and i missed her , so i wrote her a love note . thats some middle school shit right there xD hahaha , and she loved it , but then we both decided that it wasnt gunna be the same if we were gunna give it a second chance , so i left her alone and vice versa . then i started talking to this girl nikki and instantly liked her and eventually made her my NEW girlfriend :D shes just great , i swear to god !!! adorable and cute . drama free type of girl :3 damn im so lucky to have her :3 and yeah , now averys all pissed off that i hopped to another girl that quick . im like , whatever -.- shes the one that fucked up in our relationship , so i really dont care ... OH , the senior prom pictures came in and i have no idea what to do with the pictures of me and avery . everytime i look at them i get kind of sad , because we were happy that night ... damn you feelings -.- well , thats basically me summarizing it all out for you :D until next time !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

i dont know what to name this post -.-

so my life so far is pretty good , i guess . nothing really important is going on im my life . school is actually kicking me in my dick hole though . this dumb senior portfolio is just so damn long . i should be doing it now , but i'd rather type my fabulous life :D ... kidding -.- me and my girlfriend , avery made a month today , so thats pretty exciting <3 we didnt do anything together though , because she went to go hangout with her dad and buy some girly dress shit , because she can ... i couldnt go out anyways , because i kind of got into an arguement with my parents , so they told me to stay home all day today -.- bummer for me . damn , what a literal cock block . totally legit . OH ! this morning i went to saturday detention for ... you know what with that one security guard and a bike ... yeah , that situation -.- we id the most GAYEST shit ever . scrapping gum off the ground around campus . fucking homo . here and there me and the detention boys would smoke a cigarette , because the advisor was stupid enough to leave us alone most of the time :D hahahaha , what a dumb ass . and yeah , it sucked . thats basically what i did today . kind of :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

life so far

mmkay , sorry i havent done this in awhile , but im back :) my weekend was pretty good . on friday i spent time with some dear friends after school because we had the night show performance for our english classes . we chilled all over kaimuki high school and around the school , like , market city and stuff . smoked a couple cigarettes with some fellow smokies :) that was a good stress reliever . once it was time for the night show , we had like 30 mins to get ready . it was off the hook kine crazy in the seniors room , because everyone was crowding up the whole place . it was crazy off the WIDE !!! after i got dressed and stuff and everyone was ready to get going to go and perform , we all waited our turns and waited , and waited , and waited . mind you , we were dead last to go up . we went and performed around 10:30 pm . fucking late , yeah ? after the night show , we all went back to the room and grabbed our shit and chilled in the parking lot with our cars and bumped dubstep music . we had our own little mini rave and partied . until the teacher said to get the fuck out and go home . we took the party else where and went to market city . i went home early , because i was tired , so that was my friday night . saturday . i'll summarize it for you . all i did was skate and go to the i'olani school fair and hooked up my friend , michael auguay with this sweet philapino girl . my girlfriend was kind of jealous and angry that i was hanging out with girls and taking pictures with them . i was like , whatever -.- sunday was fun with my girlfriends family at kaimana beach park by the kapiolani tennis courts . all we did was chill and eat all day . my girlfriends little sister is so ADORABLE >o< after the beach party with my girlfriends family ; i went to her house and slept with her in my arms :) we both fell asleep and cuddled basically . hahaha !!! cool ^______^ then i went home . and that was my weekend in summary kind of form :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

last night was fucked up

last night was literally fucked up . i went to my english teachers room and did some work and all of a sudden a korean lady rushes in the class scared as hell telling my friend solo to lock the damn door . there was a crazy crack head guy chasing her and screaming saying "theres a lady in there and she needs help , let me in !!!" the security walked him off campus and arrested him right there . the korean lady left super shaky and ran into her night session classroom . after that , we practice out lines for shakespeare festival and wrestled eachother for fun . Zane IS a badass at wrestling -.- i got slammed so much times ... after we fooled around we chilled in the class room and did some work for our senior portfolio . once it hit around 7:30 pm the security wanted us to leave because we were apparently making a lot of noise . when we actually weren't .  but it was whatever . we wanted to leave already anyways ... so while we were waiting in the parking lot , i was chilling with my friends . solo , justice , john , and sandy . the security comes strolling along on his bike and yells at us and says that we gotta get outta here because we were making too much noise . we weren't -.- this security was so dumb , i swear . then he started listing rules saying that we HAD to leave because he says so . we all were like "WTF ?!" thats a lie . "lets see that rule" john said . he says nothing , so we knew he was lying . after that whole arguement with him about us making noise when we actually weren't we got in the car and was about to leave and then as i was walking to go home . he says that he'll make sure that we can never go to akamine's class never ever again . i got pretty mad and said that he doesn't ave that kind of authority to do that . and he says "wanna bet ?" and i said "yeah , i actually do , because i know you cant and you ain't shit ." he starts talking about jobs and how much money he makes and that i dont make shit and i have no job and something like that . i yell at him and say that i make more money then him , which i do . i mean fuck , im almost literally a pro skater . i get $10,000 every month . he probably makes that much a year . that poor bitch . anyways , at this point im over it and done argueing , so i walk away . he continues to yell at me while im walking away and gets in my face and blocks me with his bike . i yell back at him and say , "you want me to push you off your bike , brah ?" he says nothing and i push him ... SOFTLY . like , forreal . this dumb security guard falls so dramatically and slow that its so obvious that he faked it to make me feel guilty or some shit . i continue to walk away because i dont give a flying fuck . my friend john offers me a ride , because i guess  he wants me to be safe or something , but i denied the offer and walked . i feel like shit for pushing him , but he put this shit on himself . he's a dumbass security that needs to get checked out . fuck him

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

girls at our school .

fucking girls at our school are such bitches . i swear . all there ever is , is drama ; drama ; drama -.- sick of it already . im sure im not the only one though . i think its because theyre ugly thats why >:3 god !!! im such a dick .

just bored

im in the maclab and im doing nothing really . i really wanna skate though , because i just got back from skating during lunch . doing mean ass kickflips at least 3 feet high , caught and bolted with a slam :D im fucking awesome . good thing the security doesnt give a fuck about us skaters skating on school grounds :D how lucky are we ? this maclab sucks , by the way . theyre playing some rap song that no one even likes nowadays on the computer . its so gay . i wanna get outta this school so bad . im so glad that the year is almost over , but im also super , extremely stressed out to the max about all the projects thats due very , very soon -.- im basically on lock down by paper . i have o life now that my parents want me to stay home from monday through thursday to work non stop on homework and projects . ah , who cares ? whatever gets me to graduate i guess . i'll be grateful once i alk and grab that fucking diploma out of that damn shitty principles hands . i cant wait for that day x) after graduation im gunna do whatever i want for one month from graduation , which is on may 21st . so free time to myself til june 21st . said my parents . no curfew , no coming home , no rules what so ever >:D im MEGA excited for that day . thats a big incentive for me , because i really want that oppurtunity for myself , so im gunna try my absolute hardest to try and graduate . i really want to . you have no idea !!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

sneezing funny

my girlfriend , avery sneezes like a fcking little dog . 
its so fucking funny x)
all im doing is thinking and all i hear is some weird noise . 
i look at avery and she has her hands covering her mouth . 


sitting in class

im literally doing nothing in this computer class , so i thought that i would like to let you guys know about it . its a computer class that i dont even need to graduate and i dont do anything . literally ... i do nothing . so imah start blogging in this class every chance i get :D the teacher is alright , i guess . he yells at me a lot for not doing any work , because he thinks im gunna fail because im a senior . HAHAHAHA !!! at him , because he doesnt know that i have enough credits to graduate and i dont need this dumb elective class . so HA . screw computer stuff anyways . i seriously aint gunna need computer experience where im going . seriously . im already on my way to becoming professional in skateboarding , so ... screw computer class . HAHAHA !!!