Thursday, June 30, 2011


sitting in summer school once again . just stalling time of course . so bored . idk what to do everyday . just go on and chill and smoke cigarettes on my free time , which is all the time , hahaha . anyways . thats all i got for now , since im bored as fuck and tired . shoots .

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

im livin a truth

im not livin a lie .
im not lying to you .
when i tell you i love you .
im telling the truth .

-akonikoki <3
OdaGud - Jenter er grusomme.

if i were to wake up next to you and smile , would that be considered a dream ? :3
please,not Slytherin.

i smoke whenever i like . got a problem , fuck you ;D

i <3 you hawaii ;)
the tanktop i must !


so like , im in summer school now , because im short a fucking credit and im a fuck up and i didnt do so good in my senior year , because im a stupid cunt -.- i guess ...
anyways , im almost done , so thats good :D hahaha !!! im cool . a lot of shit has happened ever since my last blog , so let me explain . so , apparently im grounded for not walking with my graduating classand stuff . my parents are giving me so much shit and shit , blah -.- i hate them . they ruin everything , seriously . my step-dad is such a dick and fucks up my life . i literally dont care for him anymore . even though he's been there for me for the past 11 years and shit . i dont care . he made me hate him and he's gunna regret treating me like shit once i leave and never come back , because im moving out and living with my gtirlfriend in about a year or so , so yeah , i cant wait for that , because i'll finally be away from all my stepdad's bullshit and i wont have to hear his fucking voice . literally cant wait , like forreal , brah !!!! im never talking to him EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!! serious shit right here . so over his shit already . shitty part is that i gotta wait awhile to get a job and get money to save up for my future living space , nah mean ? and my girlfriend and her friend is getting jobs too , so they'll save up and then combine it to pay rent . split 3 ways , nah mean ? hahaha !!!! yes :) yeah , me , my girlfriend and her friend are living together :D cant wait , mannnn !!!! haha x) its gunna be fucking fun as hell . and since i wont have my parents over my head like they own me . i WILL have fun , the type of fun that they've been making me missing out on throughout my whole highschool life .
fuck , i seriously cant believe how much they ruined my life . like seriously , whenever im home with them , which is everyday i dont wanna talk to them , but they end up talking to me like nothings wrong . fuck them . its like i have to put on a fucking fake smile for them , and i dont wanna do that . i want them to know that i hate them , you know ? no hard feelings to my parents , but FUCK THEM !!!! i've never , ever spent a single fucking anniverssary with any of my girlfriends , EVER , because of them . UGHHHH !!!! over it . k , shoots ...

Monday, June 13, 2011