Monday, May 9, 2011

a lot of shit has happened lately !!!

so , let me summarize this out for you . i broke up with my girlfriend , avery tavares and it was a horrible break up . there was a lot of shit talking coming from both sides and it was just unnecessary i would assume ... by the way , this break up was after the senior prom . MAY 2nd to be exact .  after we broke up its been pretty depressing . pretty normal though . after every break up everyone feels like shit , so yeah . nothing special . i tried to get her back , because i felt really bad and i missed her , so i wrote her a love note . thats some middle school shit right there xD hahaha , and she loved it , but then we both decided that it wasnt gunna be the same if we were gunna give it a second chance , so i left her alone and vice versa . then i started talking to this girl nikki and instantly liked her and eventually made her my NEW girlfriend :D shes just great , i swear to god !!! adorable and cute . drama free type of girl :3 damn im so lucky to have her :3 and yeah , now averys all pissed off that i hopped to another girl that quick . im like , whatever -.- shes the one that fucked up in our relationship , so i really dont care ... OH , the senior prom pictures came in and i have no idea what to do with the pictures of me and avery . everytime i look at them i get kind of sad , because we were happy that night ... damn you feelings -.- well , thats basically me summarizing it all out for you :D until next time !

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