Saturday, April 23, 2011

i dont know what to name this post -.-

so my life so far is pretty good , i guess . nothing really important is going on im my life . school is actually kicking me in my dick hole though . this dumb senior portfolio is just so damn long . i should be doing it now , but i'd rather type my fabulous life :D ... kidding -.- me and my girlfriend , avery made a month today , so thats pretty exciting <3 we didnt do anything together though , because she went to go hangout with her dad and buy some girly dress shit , because she can ... i couldnt go out anyways , because i kind of got into an arguement with my parents , so they told me to stay home all day today -.- bummer for me . damn , what a literal cock block . totally legit . OH ! this morning i went to saturday detention for ... you know what with that one security guard and a bike ... yeah , that situation -.- we id the most GAYEST shit ever . scrapping gum off the ground around campus . fucking homo . here and there me and the detention boys would smoke a cigarette , because the advisor was stupid enough to leave us alone most of the time :D hahahaha , what a dumb ass . and yeah , it sucked . thats basically what i did today . kind of :)

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