Wednesday, April 13, 2011

last night was fucked up

last night was literally fucked up . i went to my english teachers room and did some work and all of a sudden a korean lady rushes in the class scared as hell telling my friend solo to lock the damn door . there was a crazy crack head guy chasing her and screaming saying "theres a lady in there and she needs help , let me in !!!" the security walked him off campus and arrested him right there . the korean lady left super shaky and ran into her night session classroom . after that , we practice out lines for shakespeare festival and wrestled eachother for fun . Zane IS a badass at wrestling -.- i got slammed so much times ... after we fooled around we chilled in the class room and did some work for our senior portfolio . once it hit around 7:30 pm the security wanted us to leave because we were apparently making a lot of noise . when we actually weren't .  but it was whatever . we wanted to leave already anyways ... so while we were waiting in the parking lot , i was chilling with my friends . solo , justice , john , and sandy . the security comes strolling along on his bike and yells at us and says that we gotta get outta here because we were making too much noise . we weren't -.- this security was so dumb , i swear . then he started listing rules saying that we HAD to leave because he says so . we all were like "WTF ?!" thats a lie . "lets see that rule" john said . he says nothing , so we knew he was lying . after that whole arguement with him about us making noise when we actually weren't we got in the car and was about to leave and then as i was walking to go home . he says that he'll make sure that we can never go to akamine's class never ever again . i got pretty mad and said that he doesn't ave that kind of authority to do that . and he says "wanna bet ?" and i said "yeah , i actually do , because i know you cant and you ain't shit ." he starts talking about jobs and how much money he makes and that i dont make shit and i have no job and something like that . i yell at him and say that i make more money then him , which i do . i mean fuck , im almost literally a pro skater . i get $10,000 every month . he probably makes that much a year . that poor bitch . anyways , at this point im over it and done argueing , so i walk away . he continues to yell at me while im walking away and gets in my face and blocks me with his bike . i yell back at him and say , "you want me to push you off your bike , brah ?" he says nothing and i push him ... SOFTLY . like , forreal . this dumb security guard falls so dramatically and slow that its so obvious that he faked it to make me feel guilty or some shit . i continue to walk away because i dont give a flying fuck . my friend john offers me a ride , because i guess  he wants me to be safe or something , but i denied the offer and walked . i feel like shit for pushing him , but he put this shit on himself . he's a dumbass security that needs to get checked out . fuck him

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