Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just bored

im in the maclab and im doing nothing really . i really wanna skate though , because i just got back from skating during lunch . doing mean ass kickflips at least 3 feet high , caught and bolted with a slam :D im fucking awesome . good thing the security doesnt give a fuck about us skaters skating on school grounds :D how lucky are we ? this maclab sucks , by the way . theyre playing some rap song that no one even likes nowadays on the computer . its so gay . i wanna get outta this school so bad . im so glad that the year is almost over , but im also super , extremely stressed out to the max about all the projects thats due very , very soon -.- im basically on lock down by paper . i have o life now that my parents want me to stay home from monday through thursday to work non stop on homework and projects . ah , who cares ? whatever gets me to graduate i guess . i'll be grateful once i alk and grab that fucking diploma out of that damn shitty principles hands . i cant wait for that day x) after graduation im gunna do whatever i want for one month from graduation , which is on may 21st . so free time to myself til june 21st . said my parents . no curfew , no coming home , no rules what so ever >:D im MEGA excited for that day . thats a big incentive for me , because i really want that oppurtunity for myself , so im gunna try my absolute hardest to try and graduate . i really want to . you have no idea !!!!

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