Tuesday, April 19, 2011

life so far

mmkay , sorry i havent done this in awhile , but im back :) my weekend was pretty good . on friday i spent time with some dear friends after school because we had the night show performance for our english classes . we chilled all over kaimuki high school and around the school , like , market city and stuff . smoked a couple cigarettes with some fellow smokies :) that was a good stress reliever . once it was time for the night show , we had like 30 mins to get ready . it was off the hook kine crazy in the seniors room , because everyone was crowding up the whole place . it was crazy off the WIDE !!! after i got dressed and stuff and everyone was ready to get going to go and perform , we all waited our turns and waited , and waited , and waited . mind you , we were dead last to go up . we went and performed around 10:30 pm . fucking late , yeah ? after the night show , we all went back to the room and grabbed our shit and chilled in the parking lot with our cars and bumped dubstep music . we had our own little mini rave and partied . until the teacher said to get the fuck out and go home . we took the party else where and went to market city . i went home early , because i was tired , so that was my friday night . saturday . i'll summarize it for you . all i did was skate and go to the i'olani school fair and hooked up my friend , michael auguay with this sweet philapino girl . my girlfriend was kind of jealous and angry that i was hanging out with girls and taking pictures with them . i was like , whatever -.- sunday was fun with my girlfriends family at kaimana beach park by the kapiolani tennis courts . all we did was chill and eat all day . my girlfriends little sister is so ADORABLE >o< after the beach party with my girlfriends family ; i went to her house and slept with her in my arms :) we both fell asleep and cuddled basically . hahaha !!! cool ^______^ then i went home . and that was my weekend in summary kind of form :D

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